A wide product range to meet your needs

The comprehensive range of material handling equipment, enhanced by offering various options and attachments, gives you both productivity and operator-friendliness in all material handling work situations.


An advantage to your business

Toyota strives to enhance its features towards a greener earth, including low noise and vibration, cleaner exhaust emission design, clean energy technology and highly recyclable vehicles. It is aimed at reducing overall operational costs and adds to the company assets. The range of products, genuine parts brought to you are of superior quality, backed by genuine service and Toyota quality..


Safety and environment

A perpetual quest for safety and to be environmentally friendly makes Toyota the industry leader. System of Active Stability (SAS) is a unique, innovative function developed by Toyota that helps to reduce the potential for accidents. Since its introduction in 1998, over 500,000 SAS equipped forklifts have been sold around the world.