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11 Oct 2015
Winter Readiness Campaign for small vehicles

Goodyear - Middle East and Africa- and Al Manaseer Trading Mechanisms declared their campaign "Tyre Safety" initiative that seeks to promote road safety in cooperation with the Jordanian Police Department. The campaign extends from 11- 13 October, offering drivers the opportunity to inspect their tires for free and get advice from professionals in Al Manaseer gas stations throughout Jordan. Al Manaseer Trading Mechanisms is a subsidiary of the  Holding Jordanian company  "Al Manaseer Group", and one of Goodyear tire distributors  in Jordan.

This Safety Initiative aims to educate consumers about the safety of the tires and educate drivers about the dangers of using invalid frames. It is known that the use of bad frames and not maintaining the tires are the main reasons of tire problems and therefore road safety.

 Mathias Urbain, Director of sales and marketing at Goodyear company Middle East and Africa, said; "Nowadays, road safety is gaining increasing interest throughout the world, particularly, in Jordan due to the nature of the streets and the atmosphere   here. And that's what led us to collaborate with "Al Manaseer Trading Mechanisms' and ' Police Department ' in order to lauch " Tyre Safety Campaign". In Goodyear, we are totally committed to the development of designed techniques for different driving conditions. Due to our domain expertise, we can provide perfect solutions from high quality frames can be used on roads as we see in Jordan.

 Abdul Hakim manasir, General Manager of Al Manaseer Trading Mechanisms said; "Drivers must always maintain the safety of the tires by checking and replacing when necessary, with high quality frames meet the criteria. Maintaining tires is crucial for safe driving, we are happy to provide free tire inspection service and technical advice in our stations for fuel until October 13.



27 Oct 2015
Trucks winter preparation campaign

Tucks winter preparation campaign is held for the first time in Jordan in cooperation with Public Security Directorate, Jordan Traffic Institute.

The campaign, which starts today 27th October will last for three days and will be held at Manaseer Gas Station at Al.Qatraneh.

Experts from Goodyear Tires Company will attend to offer technical inspection for the tires in addition to tires safety tips.