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19 Oct 2016
New Trout River Trailer joins Manaseer Machinery Trading fleet

Canadian Trout River, the finest American Kenworth T800, with 80 tons load and easiness to reload has joined Manaseer Machinery Trading fleets with less operation costs. Manaseer Group is building on its vision to provide the local market with the finest transport machines to develop the local transportation and service sectors. 

29 Oct 2016
The second week of the Manaseer Championship takes place under the slogan “Jordan unites us”

The second week of the Jordanian Manaseer PRO league championship, now in its seventh consecutive edition, is taking place under the slogan “Jordan unites us”.

This campaign is part of the series of campaigns which will held during the championship under a different slogan each week. Every slogan will carry connotations on the importance of national unity and solidarity in all fields and aspects that concern the country.

This initiative comes as part of the measures adopted by Manaseer Machinery trading Company to launch awareness campaigns within the weeks of the championship to emphasize the unity of Jordan and its security and sovereignty, and the importance of providing a safe sports atmosphere in our stadiums with the need to respect differing views and opinions sports trends -cheerleading-, and in accordance with the highest international standards agreed upon within international confederations.

This campaign is part of the social responsibility and awareness campaigns launched by Manaseer group, as part of its role is shedding light on sport role in uniting audience and fans.

The team will wear shirts with the campaign slogan, also each player will express through a video that will be posted the importance of unity and spurring out positive sprit on audience and fans.

Our sponsorship of such annual sport event stems from our commitment towards social responsibility initiatives that target local community development, we are aware of the importance of such campaigns in enhancing local community unity through sport, especially football game which is popular and loved by millions. 

29 Oct 2016
Manaseer Machinery trading Company holds a special ceremony for the after-sale services and DAF trucks in Jordan

Manaseer Machinery trading Company, the official agent of DAF in Jordan, held a special ceremony for the after-sales services, during which plans and strategies for sales and after-sales services were discussed to ensure the provision of unique and high quality services.

During the ceremony, which was held in Ayass Hotel on the 25th of October 2016, the after-sales services provided by the company were introduced and explained, and the efficiency and high performance of the company was highlighted.

DAF Trucks were displayed to show the high quality after-sales services provided by the company. Also, the future building for the The Manaseer Machinery trading Company exhibition, which will be opened in 2017 was announced. On his part, the deputy general manager of the after-sales services in The Manaseer Machinery trading Company, engineer Qais Mousa: "We are pleased with this cooperation which will enable us to provide DAF  trucks for operators and enable them to use one of the best vehicles in the world in the field of transportation to conduct all related operations. We have developed well thought out sales and marketing plans which provide added value to the customers and increase the domestic market share in this sector. "