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14 Nov 2016
3D carpets installed exclusively in Jordan Football Fields

Exclusively - in Hussein Youth City - 3D carpets with DAF and Goodyear Brands  have been installed for the first time in Jordan. 

20 Nov 2016
Slogan ' Smoking is Red Card' is announced in Manaseer Fourth League

 The slogan ' Smoking is red card' is raised in the fourth Manaseer league 2016 – 2017 for professionals held between 25 and 26 November 2016. This is considered a part of collaborative awareness campaigns between Manaseer Machinery Trading and Jordanian Football Union, which aims at serving civil society.

This is the second campaign within the consequent campaigns during the football rounds. It is launched recently by Manaseer Machinery Trading, to shed light on national unity importance and raising society awareness. The second campaign slogan ' Smoking is Red Card' aims at focusing on raising the society awareness towards hazardous health habits which consumes health, money and surroundings.

The campaign also aims at highlighting negative effects of smoking on health by reaching wide society sectors, especially youth who smoke heavily. Also, it is part of social responsibility strategy raised by Manaseer Machinery Trading towards private and public sectors, in addition to focusing on green fields and offering clean and free emissions environment.

Manaseer for Machinery Trading is committed towards supporting the civil society and launching awareness campaigns; in order to reduce smoking percentage and numbers in Jordan, as studies show that smoking is spread heavily, especially among youth. 

23 Nov 2016
Workshop for Maintenance Team and Jordan DAF Sales Dealers

Manaseer Machinery Trading DAF dealer in Jordan  organized a five day successive training workshop  for machinery dealers in Middle East and North Africa.  The training is held for the first time in Jordan and DAF dealers worldwide.

DAF Company is giving a unique opportunity for one of its dealers to offer a training course outside Europe for Middle East and North Africa. The workshop is given by DAF authentic training team at Manaseer Machinery Trading company  and attended by DAF directors. Several practical and theoretical topics will be tackled in the workshop including selling strategies, technical operations used in the machines, use guidelines, and distinctive discussion about DAF engines and other machinery such as DAF XF DAF CF.


Qias Al.Musa deputy of after sale general director said “We are proud to be chosen to execute such training in Jordan. It is a clear evidence of Manaseer machinery Trading and the whole team ability to organize such important training sessions that are targeted towards raising DAF Middle East and North Africa machinery dealers awareness and ability to use one of the best world transport machinery”

It is worth mentioning that recently a meeting was held by Manaseer Machinery Trading to discuss the company services after and before selling for DAF machines in Jordan. The meeting focused on discussing