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26 Oct 2017
Manaseer Machinery Trading Co. (Al Adiyat Al Saree'ah) Organizes the Annual Ceremony of Introducing After-Sales Service for 2017

Manaseer Machinery Trading Co. held a special introductory ceremony on the after sales service of the international DAF Trucks, on Wednesday 25 October 2017 at Grand Hyatt Amman Hotel.  

The ceremony included a detailed information on the company's integrated after-sales service, how to apply it, along with a full explanation in regard of the sales solutions, maintenance services, spare parts, apart from information on training provided as the accredited training center for DAF Company. Further to that, a detailed explanation was introduced during the ceremony in view of the company's future building, besides a statement of the integrated services, ranging from the sale stage to the after-sales service.

Eng. Qais Al Mousa, Deputy Director-General of After Sales Service at Manaseer Machinery Trading Company, expressed a deep satisfaction in light of the ceremony held by the concerned company, pointing out the significance of introducing the unique future building at the regional level, owing to its state-of-the-art equipment according to the highest safety and environmental standards.                               

Eng. Al Mousa stressed the importance of this unique building in Jordan as a focal point in the region, besides its high-quality specifications; he also commended the specialized cadre of prestigious scientific qualifications, indicating the great significance of investment in cadres.

Eng. Al Mousa added that "The ceremony grants us the opportunity to communicate directly with the clients, in order to have their voices heard and listen to their proposals, aiming at ensuring a better assessment of the level of service, apart from improving it to cater the clients' requirements and needs.

Manaseer Machinery Trading Co. attaches great importance to the quality of after-sale services for its rendered products, and provides integrated solutions covering all the domestic and regional markets' needs.

05 Oct 2017
Manaseer Machinery Trading Co. Concludes "The Winterization" Campaign

Manaseer Machinery Trading Co. concluded the Winterization Campaign, which was held in cooperation with the Jordan Traffic Institute, for two consecutive days, Tuesday and Wednesday, corresponding to 3 and 4/10/2017, at the Manaseer Oil and Gas Station-the Airport Road 2-towards the ‎Seventh Circle.                  

The campaign also included providing numerous free services for more than 300 cars, covering: the inspection of lights, the verification ‎of the windshield wipers' safety‎, the inspection of more than 1200 tires, apart from the adjustment of the tire pressure according to the automobile manufacturer standards. Further to that, the campaign provided a technical report on the tires development by experts from Goodyear Tires, granting many valuable awards to participants.                 

The concerned campaign is not deemed the first of its kind, since Manaseer Machinery Trading Co. is accustomed to creating similar awareness and public information campaigns for drivers in different times and places, with the presence of the optimal experts from several brands, most prominently the Goodyear Tires, with a view to ensuring the safety of citizens and vehicles before winter arrived.