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27 Apr 2017
"Manaseer Machinery Trading Co." Concludes Its Awareness Campaign "Towards Safe Driving of Heavy Vehicles"

Manaseer Machinery Trading Co. "Al Adiyat Al Saree'ah" concluded its awareness campaign entitled "Towards Safe Driving of Heavy Vehicles", in cooperation with the Jordan Traffic Institute, which held for Tuesday and Wednesday 25 and 26 April at Manaseer Oil and Gas Station - the Desert Road between Amman and Aqapa/Alqatranah. .

The campaign covers trucks inspection of more than 140 trucks. The inspection included tires, batteries and truck's lights. About 1,900 tires were inspected by 18 engineers and technicians who were ready to carry out the inspection process.

This campaign comes within the vision of Manaseer Group's Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ziad Al Manaseer which dedicated in the service of local community, through strengthening partnership between the public and private sectors owing to serving our community. Moreover, Manaseer Machinery Trading Co. "Al Adiyat Al Saree'ah" aims through this campaign to enhance efforts with respect to reducing road traffic accidents and saving the lives of truck drivers and passengers equally, through educating and instructing drivers besides keeping them informed of the great significance of safe driving behaviors, in addition to periodic trucks' checks which ensure public safety on roads.

Manaseer Machinery Trading Co. "Al Adiyat Al Saree'ah" asserted that the concerned initiative is based on its continued belief in corporate responsibility, pointing out that it adopts guidelines aim to keep launching more initiatives and campaigns in various fields, through joint cooperation with various parties.


23 Apr 2017
In Cooperation with the Jordan Traffic Institute "Manaseer Machinery Trading" Launches an Awareness-Raising Campaign on the Significance of Vehicles Check

Manaseer Machinery Trading Co. declared its willingness to launch an awareness-raising campaign entitled "Towards a Safe Driving" in cooperation with the Jordan Traffic Institute on Tuesday and Wednesday, April 25 and 26 at Manaseer Oil and Gas Station- Al Qatraneh.

The campaign is part of efforts exerted by both parties aiming at reducing traffic accidents apart from enhancing safe driving behaviors on the roads, owing to the high number of traffic accidents' victims in recent times.

The campaign covers a comprehensive check of vehicles, which includes checking tires, batteries and truck lights examined by experts from both sides, to ensure that the awareness message is completely reached to the targeted groups of the concerned campaign, including drivers of vehicles and trucks.

Drivers participating in the concerned campaign will be granted significant gifts in recognition of their cooperation and encouragement to adhere to  safe driving behaviors along with periodic check of vehicles and trucks. 

For his part, the General Manager of Manaseer Machinery Trading Co. Mohammed Jaber, said that the organization of campaign is in line with corporate responsibility activities initiated by the company, aiming at raising awareness of society in regard of the traffic accidents which resulted in human and material losses, stressing the campaigns' continuity which target the safety of both the drivers and passengers

Manaseer Machinery Trading Co. "Al Adiyat Al Saree'ah" strives through the campaign to engage the community in activities and events which in turn enhance the awareness among individuals in connection with core issues of providing vehicles and trucks according the highest safety standards

20 Apr 2017
In Connection With Strengthening Its Relations with Major Global Corporations "Manaseer Machinery Trading" Organizes A Visit to" Kobelco", "Kawazaki KCM" and "Toyota Forklift" Corporations

As part of strengthening the strategic relations with a group of world's leading corporations, Manaseer Machinery Trading Co. "Al Adiyat  AlSaree'ah" along with a number of companies representing both the private and public sectors, visited Kobelco Excavators Corporations, the Kawazaki-KCM Forklift and Toyota Forklift-TICO, aiming at getting insight of the latest production lines apart from recognizing the detailed explanation provided by experts in the specialized corporations,  in view of  the most prominent specifications of high quality products apart from the latest-state-of-the-art-modern Japanese technology.


The Director of Heavy Machinery at Manaseer Machinery Trading Co. " Al Adiyat  AlSaree'ah ", Engineer Riad Battah said in regard of the concerned visit that, "the significance of Kobelco Excavators Corporations, the Kawazaki-KCM Forklift, the Toyota Forklift-TICO Folkflirt forms a significant opportunity for our clients to get insight of all details and stages related to the production lines. The stages are examined in accordance with the highest quality and robust specifications, characterized by the most advanced technology.





It is worth pointing out that Manaseer Machinery Trading Co. is the agent of Kobelco, Kawasaki-KCM Forklift apart from Toyota Forklift-TICO sales. Manaseer strives to provide the largest center of after sales services aiming at ensuring the high integration of products and services rendered to clients.


10 Apr 2017
Manaseer Machinery Trading (Al Adiyat Al Saree'ah) Is the Sole Agent of Otokar Transport Services Co.

Manaseer Machinery Trading Company (Al Adiyat Al Saree'ah) announced its sole agency of "Otokar Co." which deemed one of the prominent and leading international companies specialized in vehicles .industry of intercity transport, urban transport, tourist transport, along with customized buses in respect of students' transport

Over more than 50 years of experience in over 45 countries worldwide, Otokar is characterized by its modern and unique designs apart from the high efficiency.

It is worth pointing out that, Manaseer Machinery Trading Company (Al Adiyat Al Saree'ah) is consistently committed to provide the local market with an integrated network of transport services featured by versatility, which in turn contributes to facilitating the movement of citizens and reducing traffic

congestion. Furthermore, Otokar buses will serve all sectors in the Kingdom, in view of integrated and comprehensive range of high-quality transport buses.

Manaseer Machinery Trading Company (Al Adiyat Al Saree'ah) works continuously to provide the largest after-sales and spare parts services center, aims to ensure the provision of wide integrated services to its clients.


09 Apr 2017
Faisali & Wehdat match in Manaseer league

Faisali and Wehdat match for the 18th round of Manaseer league sponsord by Kawasaki loaders and Kobelco excavators

05 Apr 2017
Kawasaki loaders and KOBELCO excavators sponsors Faisali & Wehdat match

Manaseer Machinery Trading ( Al Adyat AlSareah) , Kawasaki loaders and KOBELCO excavators agents, sponsors the match between Faisali and Wehdat for the 18th round of Manaseer league on Saturday 8/4/2017 in International Amman Stadium. The company aims at enhacing youth spirit through sponsoring various sport activities and encouring audience to attend as awards will be given during the match.  


MR, Qais Almousa,  After Sales deputy manager elaborated on Manaseer Machinery Trading ( Al Adyat Al Sareah) sponsorship of Manaseer league, he said: " Sposoring this match is part of the company's essential role in enhacing social responsibility and supporting football sport in the Kingdom, in addition to encouraging audience to attend, as awards will be given during the match.


Manaseer Machinery Trading (Al Adyat Al Sareah) sponsors officially the Jordanian  League. Thus MMT and its agents sponsors the coming games.


02 Apr 2017
In recognition of the Armed Forces Role “Manaseer" Announces the Opening Branch to Sell Goodyear and TRP Products in Installments

Manaseer Machinery Trading announced the possibility of purchasing Goodyear tires and TRP batteries in installments, in cooperation with the Jordanian Armed Forces Department (Military Establishment), a step which aimed at facilitating the purchase of these products for the members of the Jordanian Armed Forces (Arab Army), in recognition of their efforts and their proactive role in maintaining the security of the Kingdom, and keeping it a safe patria for all residents. This process will be available starting from the current month through the Military Consumer Establishment, Tariq Branch.

For his part, General Manager of Manaseer Machinery Trading (Al Adiyat AlSaree'ah) said that, "This step comes in recognition of the armed forces' supportive role in maintaining the security and stability of the homeland and citizens, apart from appreciating their efforts in defending the country's identity. The company strives to provide the members of the Jordanian Armed Forces with special privileges including the provision of incomparable products featured by excellence of the best international brands, with the possibility of facilitating the payment in installment for armed forces members (Arab Army) due to the provided efforts of Military Establishment management.

Manaseer Machinery Trading, the agent of Goodyear Tires, 5-year guaranteed and TRP batteries with 18-month guaranteed, is responsible to provide a variety of sizes to serve all needs, apart from the available service of tire and battery installation at the Establishment.



02 Apr 2017
Manaseer Machinery Trading (Aladiyat Alsari'ah) delivers 50 DAF Trucks to Euro Shipping Services Co. ESS

In presence of Deputy General Manger Mr. Qaia Balas, the General Manager of Manaseer Machinery Trading (Aladiyat Alsari'ah) Eng. Mohamed Jaber, delivered 50 DAF trucks to Euro Shipping Services Co. ESS represented by its directors Mr.Issam El Sakka and Mr. Mahmoud Omran at the company's headquarters in Netherlands after visiting the facility, where examination had been taken place in respect of the production line.