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22 May 2017
Goodyear Tires Co. Sponsors the Final Match of the Jordan Manaseer Cup

GoodYear Tires represented by their sole agent in Jordan-the Manaseer Machinery Trading Co-sponsors the final match of the Jordan Manaseer Cup which will be held on Wednesday 24 May of this year between Al Faisaly and Al Jazeera.

The sponsorship of the final match constitutes a key part of the company's plans, which aims to support the sport of football in the Kingdom and to build on the significant role played in supporting the sport clubs apart fromthe sponsorship of different kinds of competitions.

For his part, the General Manager of the Manaseer Machinery Trading Co., Eng. Mohammed Jaber, stated with reference to the company's sponsorship of the final match: "We are consistently committed to support the mainstream sporting activities, especially football with respect to achieving the adopted visiondedicated in the community engagement in all activities and events of concern, based on the corporate responsibility bestowed upon us."

The GoodYear Tires-which is the Manaseer Machinery Trading Co. is the sole agent in the Kingdom- is deemed the first provider of high quality and efficient tires that serves the small and four-wheel drive vehicles, the truck tires and rough-terrain tires.


18 May 2017
Otokar Buses Delivered

Manaseer machinery trading delivered 8 Otokar buses to Advanced Transport & Land Shipping Services Co, Manaseer Ready Mix Concrete, Manaseer Cement Industry and Manaseer Vision.

16 May 2017
Toyota Forklifts delivered

Manaseer machinery trading delivered Manaseer first for cement and concrete products 4 Toyota forklifts

15 May 2017
Manaseer Machinery Trading Co." Organizes a Visit to the Cities of Turin and Rome in Italy

Manaseer Machinery Trading Co., in collaboration with Goodyear International Tire Co, organized a visit to the cities of Turin and Rome in Italy, involving a number of small car tires' dealers, to attend Juventus and Torino Match within the Italian competitions league.

It is worth pointing out that "Goodyear Tires Co." Which the Manaseer Automotive Trading Co. is deemed the sole agent in the Kingdom of the concerned company, is one of the official sponsors of Juventus Football Club.

The six-day visit is deemed part of the "Dealers' Rewards" program, which included a visit to the cities of Turin and Rome to enjoy the spectacular sightseeing.

Manaseer Machinery Trading Co. strives to organize activation programs for tires dealers in recognition of the primary role perused by tires' dealers, in respect of providing unique services to the Jordanian consumers.




15 May 2017
Delivery of 15 DAF XF trucks

Manaseer Machinery Trading delivered 15 DAF XF truck for Masafat For Specialized Transport Co and Manaseer oil and gas.

07 May 2017
The conclusion of Jordanian Manaseer League 2016/2017

Jordanian Manaseer League 2016/2017 season ended on Saturday 6 - 5 - 2017 with the crowning of the Faisaly Club, The match was sponsored by DAF trucks

14 May 2017
"Manaseer Machinery Trading Co." Organizes a Training Workshop for DAF Truck Agents

A training workshop for a cadre of trainees of DAF Trucks agents in the Middle East has been launched at Manaseer Machinery Trading Co. (Al Adiyat Al Saree'ah) starting from Sunday, 7/5/2017 until Thursday 11/5/2017.
The training workshop will be held at the headquarters of Manaseer Machinery Trading Co. (Al Adiyat Al Saree'ah) by the Manaseer Trainers Group accredited by "DAF Co.", the workshop is deemed the first of four technical workshops to be held this year beside two other sales sessions; the training workshop will be followed by theoretical and practical tests.

For his part, the Training and Technical Support Manager, Eng. Yousef Al Smadi stated that, "The training workshops emphasize the company's accreditation by "DAF Co." of a certified training center in the region, these workshops also reflect the significant confidence in the level of our trainers along with well-equipped preparations of the company's global training center in transportation area, with a view to identifying the salient specifications of these trucks.
Manaseer Machinery Trading Co. (Al Adiyat Al Saree'ah), the sole agent for DAF Trucks Netherland is deeply committed to organizing meetings and training workshops, covering the sales and after-sales plans and strategies of DAF Trucks in Jordan, as well as the services rendered by a team of experts in the area of machinery including spare parts, oils and other services.

03 May 2017
Final Match of Manaseer League Sponsored By DAF Trucks

Manaseer Machinery Trading Co. (Al Adiyat Al Saree'ah), the official agent of DAF Trucks sponsorsthe final matches of Manaseer Jordan Pro League between Al Faisaly and Sahab at Amman International Stadium, Al Ahly and Al Jazeera at Prince Mohammed Stadium in Zarqa, on Saturday 6 May 2017.                                                                         

The sponsorship of Jordan Manaseer League by Manaseer Machinery Trading Co. "Al Adiyat Al Saree'ah" comes as part of the continuing efforts aiming at participating effectively in supporting football sport's activities in the Kingdom,and encouraging the audiences to attend matches apart from supporting the spirit of youth through sponsoring sport clubs and matches.

For his part, Mr. Muin Qadda, Deputy Chairman of Manaseer Group's Board of Directors, expressed strong interest in activities related to corporate responsibility, particularly this interest constitutes an integral part of the Group's strategy to support local community in basic sectors, covering sport and youth sectors.

It is worth pointed out that a final match will be held between the two teams competing for the title, on Tuesday May 9, 2017 in the case of a tie in points between the concerned teams.