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30 Jul 2017
Manaseer Machinery Trading Co. Launches a Campaign Entitled "Secure Tire" As the First of Its Kind to Guarantee Goodyear and Fulda Tire

Manaseer Machinery Trading Co. has announced the launch of a campaign entitled "Secure Tire", the first of its kind in Jordan, to guarantee the Goodyear and Fulda Tires, which Manaseer Machinery Trading Co. is the sole agent of the concerned tires in Jordan.

The campaign runs for two months, starting from July to September, which includes nine-month insurance of both risk accidents and the misuse, apart from the usual 5-year tire insurance.                                                                            

In light of the campaign, Mr. Mahmoud Naser, Director of Tires Department at Manaseer Machinery Trading Company, expressed the company's confidence in the high quality and excellence of the Goodyear and Fulda Tires. Moreover, Naser commended the efficient products which, in turn, demonstrated its sustainability and length of service, resulted in building positive reputation for this type of tires, apart from increasing its spread in the domestic market. 

Goodyear Tires Company is deemed one of the world's largest factories in respect of high quality tires of all its types; it has more than 50 factories worldwide, which distributes its products in more than 158 countries. The company's products are periodically enhanced at 4 specialized and competent research and development.

26 Jul 2017
Manaseer Machinery Trading Co. Hosts a Ceremony to Introduce Donaldson's Global Products

Manaseer Machinery Trading Co. organized a special ceremony to introduce the Donaldson's global products, in the presence of the Director-General of the Manaseer Machinery Trading Company Eng. Mohammed Jaber, the Business Development Director Mr. Ala'a Shawwash and several of Departments' Directors. The ceremony was attended by Donaldson's representatives and a considerable presence of both the public and private sectors combined.

The ceremony which was held at the Landmark Amman Hotel included a presentation of the company's leading products in the industry of heavy machinery and truck filters, along with the introductory film about Donaldson Company. Further to that, the ceremony's activities included evening meal for the honorable audience.

The Business Development Director of Manaseer Machinery Trading Company Mr. Ala'a Shawwash warmly welcomed the Donaldson's representatives and the honorable audience. During the ceremony Shawwash expressed his great gratitude to the audience for attending the invitation. He also commended the Donaldson's high quality products, apart from the outstanding role played by the Manaseer Machinery Trading Company in light of the Donaldson's products distribution, which would further increase the sales besides the spread of the Donaldson's leading trademark in the domestic market.

It is worth indicating that the Donaldson Co. is a pioneer company which specializes in the production of heavy machinery and truck filters, and the Manaseer Machinery Trading is deemed the sole agent of the concerned company in Jordan.



23 Jul 2017
The Manaseer Machinery Trading Co. Organizes a Training Workshop for DAF Truck Agents

Manaseer Machinery Trading Co. organized the second of four technical courses for this year as agreed with DAF Company. The course was attended by a number of professional technicians from the Middle East States such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Lebanon. The concerned course was launched on Sunday, 16/7/2017 until Thursday, 20/7/2017. 

The course included training on the technical systems of DAF trucks such as the automatic transmission, advanced control systems and various electrical systems. Moreover, the course includes several checks in order to ensure that participants benefit from the course content.


The next course will be established next September, in addition to another course that is scheduled to be organized in the same month for Sales Engineers in the Middle East.

19 Jul 2017
For The First Time In Jordan The President of DAF Co. Is Hosted by The Manaseer Machinery Trading Co.

On his first visit to Jordan, the President of DAF Company, Mr. Preston Feight is hosted by the Manaseer Machinery Trading Company. The visit forms a prominent part of the cooperation between the parent company and its remarkable agent in the Middle East, represented by the Manaseer Machinery Trading Company. In fact, several meetings had been held in the presence of Mr. Muin Qadda the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Manaseer Group, where discussions on the development of the domestic market had taken place, along with the future plans with a respect to enhancing the truck sector in Jordan.

The meeting was attended by the representative of DAF Mr. Michiel Kuijs Director Sales Operations and Mr. Maikel Neijenhuis, Sales Operations – Area Manager, and the Manaseer Machinery Trading's General Manager Eng. Mohammed Jaber, Deputy General Manager of Finance Mr. Qais Balas, Deputy General Manager of After Sales Services Eng. Kais El Musa, Business Development Manager Mr. Ala'a Shawwash and Marketing Manager Mr. Laith Eid.

Mr. Preston Feight expressed his satisfaction to work with the Manaseer Machinery Trading Company, and commended its considerable role in the contribution of DAF's growth and expansion in the Jordanian market, Mr. Maikel also admired the future building of the Manaseer Machinery Trading Company, as the first of its kind in the region in view of applying the global basis and standards. Moreover, Mr. Maikel pointed out that the company's achievements are known by prosperity and credibility, especially the success devoted in providing the domestic market with more than 500 new trucks in only 4 years. He also expressed a great gratitude to the warm hospitality, along with the well planned program of this visit.

For his part, Eng. Mohamed Jaber, General Manager of the Manaseer Machinery Trading Co. expressed great appreciation for the concerned visit; he also commented the continued support provided by DAF Co. to improve the after sales service for the clients. Furthermore, Eng. Jaber voiced his hope to increase joint cooperation with the aim of further expansion in the Jordanian market.

It is worth indicating that the future building of the Manaseer Machinery Trading Company- which is being constructed on the Airport Road, the Highway of shipping - is a fully integrated building and is deemed the first of its kind in the region in regard of comprehension, such as sales department, maintenance department, exhibition and spare parts department.






17 Jul 2017
Workshop for the installation and maintenance of Eaton clutches

Manaseer Machinery Trading has held a workshop for the installation and maintenance of ceramic clutches made by Eaton International for a group of traders. The workshop was organized by specialized engineers from Eaton and Manaseer Machine Trading Company, which will last for 3 days from Sunday, 16 July 2017. In three different locations

17 Jul 2017
Annual Dinner of Manaseer Machinery Trading

Manaseer Machinery Trading held the annual dinner for the employees of the administration in the presence of the Vice Chairman of the Manasir Group of Directors Mr. Muin Qadada and the CEO of Manaseer Machinery Trading Mr. Mohammad Al Manaseer.


13 Jul 2017
Visiting DAF Trucks Factory - DAF Experience

Manaseer Machinery Trading represented by Deputy Director General for Financial and Administrative Affairs Mr. Qais Balas and Engineer Elias Awad from truck sales department and a number of customers visited DAF factory in Netherlands. The visit included a tour of the production lines,Truck driving experience and visiting DAF Museum in the city of Eindhoven.