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21 Sep 2017
A Training Course for DAF Trucks' Agents

Manaseer Machinery Trading Co. held a training course for DAF Trucks' agents, entitled "Sales Adviser Training", attended by numerous   Sales Agents and Sales Engineers from the Middle East States, such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Qatar. The concerned course was organized for three days, from 18 September to 20 September 2017, covering training on the DAF Systems, such as the selection of truck specifications based on the appropriate application, along with other related courses on the integrated sales, besides an insight of DAF Company.

27 Sep 2017
“Manaseer Machinery Trading" organizes the third training workshop for 2017 for DAF trucks dealers

Manaseer Company for Machinery Trading organized the third technical session out of four technical courses for this year as agreed by DAF, where the session was attended by a number of technicians from the Middle East countries such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Lebanon. It started on Sunday 10/9/2017 and continued on Thursday 14/9/2017. The course included training on technical systems for DAF trucks such as electrical systems and advanced fault diagnosis, as well as conducting tests for participants to assess the extent to which they benefited from the content of the course.

The next session will be in December.

27 Sep 2017
DAF announces the supply of 500 trucks in Jordan

Through its website, DAF has announced the supply of more than 500 trucks to the Jordanian market

27 Sep 2017
Manaseer Machinery Trading Co. Organizes a Campaign Entitled "the Winterization", in Cooperation with the Jordan Traffic Institute

Manaseer Machinery Trading Company, in cooperation with the Jordan Traffic Institute, announced the launching of a campaign entitled "the Winterization" for two consecutive days, Tuesday and Wednesday, corresponding to 3 and 4/10/2017, at Manaseer Oil and Gas Station-the Airport Road 2-towards the Seventh Circle.

The Winterization Campaign will cover free check of vehicles, including the inspection of tires, batteries and lights, the verification of the windshield wipers, granting numerous valuable awards, besides the potential opportunities to win cards for fuels filling.

The Director of Tires Department at Manaseer Machinery Trading Company, Mr. Mahmoud Naser stressed the great significance of the concerned campaigns which aim to create awareness among citizens in light of the urgent need to check their vehicles before winter arrived, owing to the significant role in ensuring the safety of drivers and people passing by on the street.

The concerned campaign is not deemed the first of its kind, since the Manaseer Machinery Trading Co. is accustomed to creating similar campaigns in different times and places, with the presence of the optimal experts from several brands, most prominently the Goodyear Tires Co. with a view to ensuring the safety of citizens.




27 Sep 2017
Closing of the open day events for trucks

Manaseer Machinery Trading yesterday concluded the activities of the open day, which was held in cooperation with the Jordanian Traffic Institute and the presence of the best engineers from the trucks company DAF and Goodyear tires at Manaseer oil and gas station - Swemeh area - Dead Sea Road.


20 Sep 2017
Manaseer Machinery Trading Co. Holds the Open Day for Trucks in Cooperation with the Jordan Traffic Institute

Manaseer Machinery Trading Company, in cooperation with the Jordan Traffic Institute, announced to hold 2 open days for trucks on Monday and Tuesday, 25 and 26 September of 2017 in more than one area. The first day will be held at the Manaseer Oil and Gas Station, Al Jizah Desert Highway, while the second day will be held at Manaseer Oil and Gas Station at Al-Suwaimeh area, Dead Sea Road, as a prominent part of the company's mission to cover as many trucks and drivers as possible. 


The activities of Manaseer Machinery Trading Campaign will cover the provision of wide range of services for trucks, such as the free check of tires, batteries and lights. Further to that, the company' cadre will also provide the concerned introduction, identify the merits of the Dutch trucks "DAF" and grant the drivers the opportunity to experience the privileged driving. The campaign also grants many awards with the opportunity to gain cards for fuels filling.


Eng. Eng. Kais El Musa", Deputy General Manager - After Sales Services of the Manaseer Machinery Trading Co. pointed out that the great significance of this campaign, indicating the need to focus on raising awareness of drivers about the general status of their trucks and the need for required maintenance, which, in turn, reflect positively on the safety of drivers and other vehicles on roads along with these trucks.


The campaign will be held in the presence of a group of the best engineers working in the International Goodyear and DAF.