The company has grown dramatically every year. Today in 2011 Concord offers a solution for every concrete pumping need with a comprehensive product line including truck-mounted boom pumps from 30M up to 65M (one of the largest in the world), line pumps and self-climbing placing booms. Concord’s head-office is in British Columbia on the Pacific coast of Canada and has worldwide operations from North America, South America, Australia to the EU. The product line itself has featured many refinements but remains true to its original conception that glorifies simplicity, durability and reliability as design constraints.

Concord didn’t become a market leader. Concord started out as a market leader on the conviction that a concrete pump is not greater than the sum of its parts. This is why Concord continues to use only the best parts and components available in the world today.

  • Ideal for big jobs; 5 sections Z-R fold, 5 inch line, 180 cubic meters per hour.
  • Outstanding work-horse; 5 sections Z-R fold, 180 cubic meters per hour and only the “62-meter” with standard 5” delivery line.

Perfect for residential and commercial jobs with a maximum capacity of 55 cubic meters per hour