TATRA TRUCKS Company is one of the oldest vehicle manufacturers in the world. Its core production programme includes heavy-duty, off-road trucks and vehicles for combined off-road and on-road transport, whichhave been continuously improved due to increasing customer requirements. TATRA has been manufacturing vehicles since 1897 and is the oldest automotive factory in Central Europe.

The TATRA brand trucks are famous for their excellent driving characteristics and numerous technical and design innovations of TATRA vehicles, in addition to their possibility through the most difficult terrains in extreme climatic conditions, high reliability and excellent utility characteristics. TATRA can adjust to bitter frosts as well as abnormally high desert temperatures.

TATRA Company has held strategic partnerships with major manufacturers in the industry, which led to the manufacture of trucks which are distinguished by their unique external structure design.

  • COE trucks for special uses
  • TATRA vehicle design
  • Foreign liquid-cooled engines
  • Automatic transmission systems
  • 6x6, 8x8, 10x10 up to 12x12 versions
  • Maximum comfort and performance
  • Fusion of tradition and future
  • Productivity
  • Comfort
  • Efficiency 
  • Custom-built superstructures
  • Practical applicability
  • Unique TATRA chassis
  • Low maintenance