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20 Apr 2017

As part of strengthening the strategic relations with a group of world's leading corporations, Manaseer Machinery Trading Co.

10 Apr 2017

Manaseer Machinery Trading Company (Al Adiyat Al Saree'ah) announced its sole agency of "Otokar Co." which deemed one of the prominent and leading international companies specialized in vehicles .industry of intercity transport, urban transport, tourist transport, along with customized buses in respect of students' transport

Over more than 50 years of experience in over 45 countries worldwide, Otokar is characterized by its modern and unique designs apart from the high efficiency.

09 Apr 2017

Faisali and Wehdat match for the 18th round of Manaseer league sponsord by Kawasaki loaders and Kobelco excavators

05 Apr 2017

Manaseer Machinery Trading ( Al Adyat AlSareah) , Kawasaki loaders and KOBELCO excavators agents, sponsors the match between Faisali and Wehdat for the 18th round of Manaseer league on Saturday 8/4/2017 in International Amman Stadium. The company aims at enhacing youth spirit through sponsoring various sport activities and encouring audience to attend as awards will be given during the match.