The New XF/CF Truck Receives "The 2018 Best Truck Award"

The New XF/CF Truck Receives "The 2018 Best Truck Award"

04 Dec 2017

The new DAF XF/CF truck receives during a ceremony held in Lyon, France, the ITOY Award as the world's best truck for 2018; this was achieved by a judging committee of specialist editors in trucks field, representing about 23 magazines that tackle the trucks' updates across the European States

The CEO of DAF trucks Preston Feight received the award during a press conference held at the Exposition of Solutrans Commercial Vehicle in Lyon, France

During the competition, the Dutch heavy truck won 104 votes. The regulations governing the award required the availability of the selected category in the market for the past 12 months, based on several standards, including the technological innovation, driver comfort, road safety, flexibility, less energy consumption, the issue of environmentally friendly and lower acquisition cost, all of which are entirely aimed at enhancing the efficiency of driving

Manaseer Machinery Trading Company "Al Adiyat Alsaree'ah" is the sole agent of the Dutch DAF trucks in the Kingdom, that are privileged by its strength and other salient features including its ability of providing the drivers with adequate comfort, the optimal control of operating expenses, its convenient systems which provide the greater degree of safety for the driver, besides the efficiency of its economic engines. Moreover, the trucks are featured with advanced specifications that provide a comfortable driving experience, including the control system of the truck's steering wheel, as well as decreased consumption of fuel and emissions